Boys Travel

Our Boys Travel Program is run in conjunction with the Cape Ann Youth Basketball League. The travel teams are open to any boys from 4th-8th grade who live in Newbury, Rowley, Salisbury or attend Triton District schools. Teams are selected during player evaluations run by independent evaluators.

If you're interested in our Boys Travel Program, please register for our Intramural Program at the appropriate grade level and be sure to select the option for Travel Team during the signup process!


What ages do we have teams for?

We currently offer travel teams for boys from 4th to 8th grade, with separate teams for each grade level.


When does the season run?

Evaluations will normally take place in late October or early November, with games beginning in December. There are no games over Christmas break!

The season, including playoffs, runs through mid-March.


Where are games played?

Home games are played at Salisbury or Newbury Elementary gyms. Away games are typically at most a 30-40 minute drive around the North Shore. For example: Topsfield, Danvers, Saugus, Amesbury, Gloucester, etc.


When are practices and how often are they?

Most teams will have 2 practices a week at a Triton District gym. Practices are usually an hour long starting after 6pm. Younger teams have earlier time slots.


How many games will they play? What days of the week?

Teams will play 12-14 games during the regular season. Typically on Saturdays. Occasionally teams will play 2 games in a weekend including on Sundays.

Playoffs will add an extra 2-4 games.


Are uniforms provided or are they purchased separately?

Uniforms are given out on loan and will be returned at the end of the season.

Extra Costs

What costs beyond registration fees should be expected?

There is a fee of $150 for each player who makes a travel team, in addition to the normal Triton Youth Basketball registration fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to tryout to be on a travel team?

Yes, travel teams play in competitive leagues and a higher level of skill and commitment is expected. Players who want to be on a travel team will need to attend a pre-season tryout/evaluation.

How are travel teams chosen?

Each grade level tryout will have three independent evaluators to select a team of 10 players based on skill level. Note that coaches do NOT pick the teams and every effort is made to make the selection process fair and unbiased.

What kind of ball and shoes do I need?

Players should each have a good quality basketball.

4th/5th/6th grade boys should use a size 6 (28.5) ball.

7th/8th grade boys should have a size 7 (29.5) ball.

Basketball shoes are recommended.

How is playing time determined?

Playing time is left to the coaches discretion but each player will have at least 8 minutes of time per game.

Where can I get more information about the Cape Ann Youth Basketball League?

You can find info about the Cape Ann League, including schedules and league rules here:


If you're interested in our Boys Travel Program, please click a link below to register for our Intramural programs and select the option for Travel Team:

4th Grade Boys Travel

5th-8th Grade Boys Travel

Players that opt-in for Travel will undergo a player evaluation. If they're asked to join the Travel Team an additional $150 per player is required.

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