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Additonal Skills and Drills; Boys and Girls
Another local option for Boys and Girls in grades 5-8 is the "Skills...
Parents' Meeting
TYB will host a Parents' Meeting on September 24, 2014 at...
2014/2015 Registration
We are excited to announce that registration is now open for the...
Additonal Skills and Drills; Boys and Girls
by posted 09/09/2014

Another local option for Boys and Girls in grades 5-8 is the "Skills and Scrimmages" program that is offered by the New England Warriors.  This program will be held at Northern Essex Community College on Saturday and Sunday Evenings from September 13th through November 8th.  What a great warm-up for the TYB Winter Season.


For more details, please go to www.  (Note that it is "co" and not "com" in the web address).

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Parents' Meeting
by posted 09/05/2014

TYB will host a Parents' Meeting on September 24, 2014 at 6:30 in the auditorium at Newbury Elementary School for any interested parents.  We will review our program offerings and will answer any questions that parents may have.  Attendance is encouraged, but is not mandatory for participation in the program.



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2014/2015 Registration
by posted 08/30/2014

We are excited to announce that registration is now open for the 2014/2015 winter season. All registration and payment should be done through our website at (there is a “Register Online” button on the left hand side of the page).

Fees. Though we have been able to keep fees flat over the last few years, our increased operating costs have required fees to increase this year to $155 per child (with a $50 discount on the third or fourth player from each family).  The additional cost for those making a travel team, required on account of additional league registration fees, additional referee costs, and uniforms, will be $125 per player.

3/4 Players. We will again offer separate boys and girls development leagues for players in the 3rd and 4th grade.  This league will emphasize skills/drills development with weekly games as well.  We will also expand the season-ending tournament and include more games with “patched” referees.   All participants in the 3/4 league will attend an evaluation session that will be used to place players on relatively equal teams.

TYBA. Non-travel players in grades 5-8 will be placed on a TYBA team which will participate in either a “College” division (grades 5/6) or a “Pro” division (grades 7/8).  Rosters will be determined following the selection of the travel teams.  We are looking to greatly enhance the TYBA program this year with more tournaments, including an end-of-the-season tournament in each division with awards for the victors.  Champions, an “MVP” in each league and “all-stars” will also be noted on the TYB website in perpetuity.  We are also looking into upgraded basketball jerseys for the TYBA players and will explore an end-of-the year “champions” tournament with the champions of other local programs.

Tryouts/Travel Teams. We will be offering only one travel team in each grade for boys in grades 4-8 and girls in grades 5-8. Tryouts will be on October 18th for the boys and October 25th for the girls. Attendance at a tryout is required for those interested in playing on a travel team. We understand that there may be some inevitable conflicts with other fall sports, so we wanted to advise as to the date as far in advance as possible so that arrangements could be made. Times are TBD. Registration for travel will close on October 10th for boys and on October 18th for girls.

Middle School Teams. We understand that Triton Middle School will again be offering the opportunity to participate in after-school travel basketball teams for boys and girls. The Middle School season typically runs from tryouts in early December through final games the second week of February and all practices/games have been Monday-Thursday immediately after school. We encourage all 7th and 8th grade players to consider the Middle School teams in addition to the TYB offerings. Those that played in both programs last year really made big developments over the course of the season. Once the Middle School season begins, we will attempt to be sensitive to “over-scheduling” players that are participating in both the Middle School and TYB programs.

Coaches. TYB is an all-volunteer organization that gladly welcomes parents that are interested in coaching. If you have an interest in coaching your player’s team, please be sure to indicate so on the registration. Head coaches for all of our travel teams have already been selected. Assistant travel coaches will be determined by the head coach after the team rosters are assigned.

Basketballs. We strongly encourage that each player in TYB have their own ball to bring to practice (and use at home). Size 28.5 for all girls and for all players in the 3/4 league. Size 29.5 for all boys in grades 5-8. Unlike last year, we will not be providing a “cage” of basketballs at each location. If this is a financial hardship for any players, please contact

Parents’ Meeting / Questions. We are looking to schedule a parents meeting during the third week of September. In the interim, please email any questions to

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