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Girls and Boys:

TYB's TYBA teams compete against in-town and out-of-town teams for grades 5, 6, 7 and 8.


Each team will also have one 1 hour practices each week at one of the elementary school gyms (Salisbury, Newbury or Pine Grove) on Monday through Friday.


Each team will have one game each week which can occur on any day (Monday thru Sunday), but are usually on Saturdays. On occassion there are two games in a week. Games are held at different locations given which school is the host team (i.e. TYB, Amesbury, Newburyport, Georgetown, Immaculate Conception). If a TYB team is the host team, games are typically played at the Triton Middle School Gym, but may also be held at Newbury Elementary or Salisbury Elementary.


Note that there may be some slightly different "house" rules when TYB is the visiting team.  Each coach will know these ahead of time.  In addition, while TYB offers patched referees for each home game, other schools rarely do.

Ball Size:

Girls - 28.5 circumference

Boys - 28.5 circumference for Grades 5 and 6; 29.5 circumference for Grades 7 and 8