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Clinic #1.

1.  Defensive Stance:  Have players spread out on the court.  Show proper stance.  They need to be in a squatted position and on the balls of their feet.  Make sure that they do not fall forward at the waist.  Then play Simon Says.  Have them got forward, backwards, left and right.  Watch for good footwork.

2.  Dribbling:  Have players spread out on the court with their basketball.  Players start with the ball in the triple threat position.  Then dribble with their right hand, left hand, and finally work on a cross-over.  Check to make sure that try and keep the ball below their waist and that the ball when dribbled can bounce back.  After stationary dribbling, have all players dribble forward, side to side, and backwards.  Encourage players to keep their eyes up by holding up your fingers and have them yell out what number you are holding.

3.  Shooting:  Have players spread out on the court with their basketball.  Show proper shooting form.  B.E.E.F.  Balance the ball.  Elbow in line with shoulder.  Eyes on basket.  Follow through on their shot.  Once the players have been shown how to shoot have all of them go to a wall and practice shooting at the wall.  Watch for balancing of the ball and that their elbows are aligned.  Once a player is comfortable have them try on a basket.



Clinic #2

Group Drill

Know the Court Sprints


Coaches will have players go to designated spots on the court to have them learn the names of all the spots on the court.

 When the players run to their areas, coaches will spend a minute to explain why this area is important.

Half Court


Free throw Line

The  Blocks

The “Paint”


Pass – Triple Threat - Pivot - Group Drill

  Part 1:

With the players each with a ball, they will spread out and face the coach (who also has a ball).   Coach will demonstrate the triple threat position and explain that a player can dribble, shot, or pass from this position.

Coach demonstrates stance – player copy coach.  Practice getting in this stance by having the player bounce the ball in front, catch it and get in a triple threat.

After you have done this a few times, add a pivot off of one foot.  Pivot forward and back.

Part II

Depending on the number of players, form lines by team.  With the players spread apart (6 feet or whatever is a reasonable distance for the player to make a bounce pass).

The first player in line will pass to the second player.  Player will catch ball, get in a triple threat, and then pivot to face next player in the line, make a bounce pass and ball moves to the last player and then comes back.  Last player pivots away and then pivots back to keep the drill going.

Layups - Team Drill

Ideally, two coaches will run this drill with each coach at a basket with a ball (split the players).  Have players stand at a good angle and distance to the basket (they will only be taking one step for the lay-up).  Have the player take their plant leg (if doing a right side layup – this is their left leg) back.  Have the player step forward with their plant leg and then bring their right leg, arm up to execute their layup – aiming for the top right corner of the box.   First time through – do it with no ball.  Just try to have them jump slightly off their plant leg.  This will be difficult for most.





Dribble with a defensive player

Form lines for each team on a baseliine.  Have one child dribble while the other one is in a defensive position and sliding their feet.  When they reach half court, switch off defense and offense.  Have them driblle back to the start. At this point we do not want the defense to steal the ball, we just want the offensive player getting used to a defense guarding them.

Coaching pointswhen players are dribbling encourage keeping their head up.  Make sure that the dribbler is using an arm to protect the ball.  Make sure that the defense is standing correctly and is sliding their feet.

Coaching points - Make sure that the defensive players move their feet and keep their between the offense and the basket.


Defensive Position Drill – Box Out


This drill provides a competitive situation for practicing boxing out. This drill emphasizes principles of closing on a shooter and maintaining a box out for the defensive players, and it teaches offensive players to follow their shots. It will give players practice in sustaining the intensity required to box out and to beat a box out. 


Divide the players into equal teams.  Position the offensive players just outside the three-point line as shown. The defenders match up and assume position at the edges of the key as shown. Place a ball on the ground just in front of the hoop.

On the coach's first command, defensive players sprint to close out on the offensive players. The last three or four steps should be wide and choppy with the body leaning slightly back and arms raised to shoulder height.

One the coach's second signal, all of the offensive players "shoot" a jump shot (none of them will have a ball). Defenders contest the shots by shouting "shot" and by moving close to the shooters with arms fully extended straight up and keeping their feet on the ground.

As the shooters come down, the defenders turn and box out. The offensive players try to get to the ball near the hoop, and the drill remains live until one does get to the ball. The coach times this starting on the second whistle and ending when an offensive player gets to the ball.

The coach signals that the repetition is over.