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TYB's Travel teams compete against out-of-town teams for grades 5, 6, 7 and 8. 

Girls League:

North Shore Youth Travel League

Overview: TYB"s travel teams compete in the NorthShore Travel League for grades 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Boys League:

Cape Ann Travel League

Overview: TYB"s travel teams compete in the Cape Ann Travel League for grades 5, 6, 7 and 8.


Please note that as players will need to tryout and make a travel team (usually at the expense of other players), there is an additional level of commitment required of the players in terms of attending practices. 

For those players that are trying out for a spot on one of TYB’s travel teams, please note that TYB expect an extremely competitive tryout at every age level.  Please note that our travel teams play in extraordinarily competitive leagues.  

Playing Time

The playing time given to each player in travel basketball is based solely upon merit and ability.  Playing time is not equal, though all players will play at least eight minutes per game.  Our travel coaches are playing against high-level competition and will give players playing time in their sole discretion (so long as each player has at least 8 minutes per game).  Absent extraordinary circumstances (which involve an exemption from the league), players will not move between travel teams once formed. 


Each team will also have one or two 1-1.5 hour practices each week at one of the elementary school gyms (Salisbury, Newbury or Pine Grove) on Monday through Friday.  These will most likely not be on the same day each week.    Chronic missing of practices by any player can, in the coach’s discretion, result in that player being dismissed from the travel team. 


Each team will have one game each week which are usually on weekends.  On occassion there are two games in a week.  Each travel league will set the game schedule.  “Home” games for the travel teams are typically played at Salisbury or Newbury Elementary School.

Ball Sizes:

Girls - 28.5 circumference

Boys - 29.5 circumference